The 10 Fastest Growing European Countries, as Facebook Nears 100M Across Region

Europe now has close to 100 million Facebook users, having gained 5.92 million over the course of September to reach 98.2 million monthly actives, according to our latest Global Monitor report, based on stats from Facebook. So the continent, as a whole, has more Facebook users than the United States’ 88.3 million monthly actives.

Here’s a closer look at the top 10 fastest-growing countries in Europe. Turkey, assuming one considers it part of Europe (we do, for these purposes), grew the most. The country gained 1.07 million users, an 8% gain to reach 14.5 million total. The United Kingdom is still the largest Facebook country in Europe, with 20.6 million monthly actives. But it grew relatively slowly, adding nearly 300,000 users. In other countries, Facebook grew at impressive double-digit rates per month in September.