The 15 Largest Restaurant Pages on Facebook

Yesterday, we offered 8 best practices for how restaurants can make use of Facebook pages. Here’s a look at the 15 restaurants and fast food chains with the most fans on Facebook. What’s most obvious is that fan bases are not directly tied to the overall size or type of restaurant. McDonald’s may be on top, but regional burger chain Chik-fil-A is second — and Burger King does not even have an official Facebook page.

Certainly, many of the brands on the list have promoted their pages through multimedia campaigns. But the takeaway for any restaurant, including local ones, is that Facebook pages are not based entirely on massive marketing budgets. It’s about how you can use a page to attract fans then convert them for your own marketing goals.

Also, we don’t have a way to measure how active fans are on a given page. So a smaller page may have many more users commenting, liking and otherwise engaging, while a larger one may be far less active.

Page Leaderboard – Restaurants and Fast Food
Rank Name Fans
1. McDonald’s 1,252,981
2. Chick-fil-A 1,205,399
3. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts 1,148,335
4. Pizza Hut 1,027,290
5. Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Inc. 987,069
6. TGI Friday’s (Woody) 986,198
7. Dunkin’ Donuts 936,211
8. Dairy Queen 721,421
9. Buffalo Wild Wings 706,670
10. Taco Bell 614,462
11. Baskin-Robbins 337,824
12. Papa John’s Pizza 327,543
13. Jamba Juice 318,931
14. Domino’s Pizza 313,127
15. Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches 241,507

Notes on methodology: There’s currently no way to easily collect every single restaurant and fast food company with a page on Facebook. We publish PageData, which tracks all of the data that Facebook makes available, and according to the categories of page that Facebook has grouped pages under. However, some companies’ pages are categorized as “Food and Beverage” while others’ are “Restaurants.” In both categories, there are also a smattering of other brands that make food but do not have restaurants. Some, like TGI Friday’s, are not categorized in Facebook’s directory so we’ve included the numbers directly from the Facebook page. There’s also the real-world complexity of brands that are both restaurants of sorts as well as brands you see in supermarkets, such as Ben & Jerry’s. If you spot other brands we’re missing, please let us know and we’ll update. And, finally, we’re only looking at pages with “vanity URLs,” as this indicates that Facebook has specifically verified that the page owner is actually the brand and not an imposter.

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