The Architect, A Film That Pretends That Dubai is Still Growing

Finally someone is making a movie about Dubai’s building boom. Unfortunately it’s going to the mark by a healthy margin, given that the emirate starting falling apart and stopped building just under two years ago. But what is Hollywood if it isn’t a factory of fiction? Slash Film reports that a screenplay for The Architect, which has apparently been all the talk the last couple of months, has finally been snapped up by a studio. Here’s their description of the film:

The story follows Mitch Avery, a New York City hot-shot up and coming architect who gets the opportunity of a lifetime — to build his dream building in Dubai…Anyway, once on the ground on the Arabian Peninsula, all hell breaks loose. Of course, this is just the begining. It turns out everything was a gigantic set-up which results in a chase to find his kidnapped wife Carlie and uncover the bigger conspiracy. I’ve heard that a big director has shown interest in the script. Sounds like an interesting premise.

We’re confused. Was the job a big setup or the whole of Dubai is fake? Because we’d be willing to believe the latter more than a “hot-shot architect” would be swayed toward working over there on a building anymore without cash up front. If for some reason we get handed script doctoring duties for this one, we’re going to change the whole thing and make it about “Dr.” David Fisher and his fake rotating buildings. At least that wouldn’t seem so far fetched as The Architect does.

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