The Atlantic Wire Launches Michael Kinsley Column

Slate founding editor and recent inductee into the American Society of Magazine Editors’ digital hall of fame Michael Kinsley is heading up a new daily feature for The Atlantic‘s Atlantic Wire.

Kinsley, known for lending his unconventional wit to such publications as The New Republic, Harper’s, Washington Monthly and many others, joined The Atlantic in September of last year.

Today’s piece, “Look Ma — No Bailouts,” pokes fun at Congress for passing a law forbidding bailouts of financial institutions:

The TARP (bank bailout) was enacted under George W. Bush. John Boehner (John Boehner!) said it was time to put politics aside. Mitch McConnell (Mitch McConnell!!) promised to push a bill through in record time. The auto bailout was also under Bush, with much Republican support. Was the emergency a mirage? Are the 96 senators of both parties who supported the Boxer amendment convinced that there will never, ever be another financial emergency where a bailout might be the best of bad options? Forbidding bailouts is like forbidding chemotherapy, in the hope that somehow this will prevent cancer.

Press release after the jump.

Washington, D.C., and New York, N.Y. (May 10, 2010) — Today, groundbreaking opinion aggregator The Atlantic Wire launches “Editor at Large,” a new daily feature offering written commentary and video on the news from the mind of Michael Kinsley.

“‘Editor at Large’ will showcase Mike’s uniquely incisive and witty take on the day’s big stories,” said Bob Cohn, editorial director of and The Atlantic Wire. “As The Atlantic Wire emerges as a must-read for people tracking opinion and analysis, we’re excited to give our readers the daily insights of one of the great opinion writers of our time.”

Since its fall 2009 launch, The Atlantic Wire has increased its monthly unique visitors 254 % and its monthly pageviews 202 %. Described by the New York Times’ David Carr as a “throbbing real-time op-ed page,” The Atlantic Wire searches the world of opinion — from bloggers and op-ed columnists to talking heads and radio hosts — to provide a quick, timely understanding of the day’s most influential arguments and how they relate to the biggest news stories.

Kinsley joined The Atlantic in September 2009. He was recently inducted into the American Society of Magazine Editors’ Digital Hall of Fame.

Over the past three decades, Kinsley has held senior editorial positions with publications including Slate, The New Republic, Harper’s, Washington Monthly and the Los Angeles Times., He has been a regular columnist for The Washington Post and Time, and was moderator of William Buckley’s nationally-televised Firing Line and co-host of CNN’s Crossfire.

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