The Awl Publishes List of Banned PR Firms

Choire Sicha, editor of smart and idiosyncratic commentary site The Awl today published a list of public-relations firms that are blocked from his email inbox.

Big-time firms like 5W and The Rosen Group make Sicha’s list. Each offending PR agency garners the all-caps label “STUFF YOU DON’T NEED TO READ.” A tongue-in-cheek list of email subject lines exposes the most inane subject lines, like “Story Idea: Get Carrie’d away with these delicious low calorie Sex and the City Cocktails!!”

It’s a fun little item, and plays perfectly into The Awl’s rep as a smart, savvy blog that operates on its own terms. Many journalists fantasize about having the stones to turn their backs on PR firms. Sicha’s post plays right into that dream.