The Best and Worst in Trump Headlines

Since we’re being deluged with Donald Trump stories as we wait for him to run or not run for Prez, we show off the best and worst headlines we’ve seen.


From Slate.

What’s Donald Trump really after?Politico

The trouble with that Trump card — The Australian

Donald Trump — The New Late Night Punching BagNJ blog

Donald Trump: ‘Vulgarian-in-chief’?Politico‘s “The Arena” op-ed section

Is the right (finally) turning on Trump? Salon

Utah artist plays his Trump cardSalt Lake Tribune


Donald Trump Says His Huge Net Worth Makes Him Qualified to Run for President — ABC News

Trump must be stoppedWaPo

Trump profits at Romney’s expense TWT

Donald Trump for President — WSJ

Why Trump is no Ross Perot — Washington Examiner

Donald Trump: Potential president?
The reality TV star and businessman may get into politics, and his views are distasteful, writer says.
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