The Best Twitter Strategies for Colleges and Universities

While colleges and universities have traditionally been on the forefront of innovation, many of them seem to be struggling with optimizing their social media presence. In response to this deficit, Fathom Online Marketing put together a white paper to teach schools the tricks of the trade when it comes to social media.

Entitled “5 Powerful Ways to Use Twitter in Higher Education” [PDF], this paper attempts to show school administrators how they can change their Twitter strategy and learn from some of the best school Twitter accounts in the US.

The five broad tips that this white paper offers up are basics that any social media pro would scoff at, but they’re important to get across to those who aren’t that familiar with Twitter.

For instance, the first tip is “Listen and Reply”. Basic, basic, basic. Anyone who has had success on Twitter knows that they have to listen to what others are saying and reply to them, engaging their audience rather than treating Twitter like a one-way broadcasting tool. But that doesn’t mean that everyone knows this, and colleges and universities are among those that need to really step up their Twitter game – so a little “back to the basics” lesson can’t hurt.

One of the highlights of this white paper is the quotes sprinkled throughout. Fathom reached out to university and college administrators across the country from reputable institutions to see how they used Twitter effectively. Some of the little gems in this report come from the mouths of those already using it in a creative way.

The white paper also has a curated list of people in higher education to follow on Twitter – again, one of its most useful take-aways.

This white paper is worth a glance if you’re directly in the higher education field, or if you just want a quick snapshot refresher of some of Twitter’s best practices.

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