The Beyhive Is Angry About Beyonce’s Lame GMA Announcement

She tried it and now Beyonce is getting stung by the Beyhive.

When Beyonce is involved, media outlets know they’ve got a story that will attract some attention. So when GMA began teasing to fans that they had a Bey-xclusive, lots of people set their alarm clocks and DVRs to make sure they didn’t miss the big announcement. A new album? A new baby? A new venture?

Nope, Beyonce eats a vegan diet. Something everyone who has been following Beyonce for the past few months already knows.

What happens when you hype something up only to fall flat? The Internet comes for you. And as we all know, there’s the internet and there’s the Beygency.

PRs will come to reporters all the time with some “big, huge story” that turns out to be nothing much. So it’s the responsibility of the producers and journalists to sift through these pitches to determine what’s newsworthy and what’s not.

But it’s not just GMA that gets the backlash from something like this. It’s also Beyonce, who knows that her die hards will go to great lengths to get the latest from her. It feels manipulative to be sold a segment that includes no new news and is designed to sell something she’s pushing.

This is not only a lesson for the media (stop with the fake exclusives!) but also for PRs (stop with the fake exclusives!) and the celebrities they’re supposed to be advising (stop with the fake exclusives!). Though we’re sure the Beyhive will forgive the Queen Bee.

h/t Defamer and Complex

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