The Blaze Co-Founder Remembers Andrew Breitbart

From 2004 to 2010, Scott Baker tagged along for a wild ride.

AndrewBreitbartHeadshotThanks to the recent ONA conference in Los Angeles, The Observer’s Ryan Holiday was able to score an interview with The Blaze co-founder and editor in chief Scott Baker.

Baker’s path to The Blaze started in 2004. Then a TV anchor in Pittsburgh, he managed with his cameraman on a Sunday evening to snag some controversial video footage of Teresa Heinz Kerry. It didn’t take long for The Drudge Report to reach out:

“I got a phone call: ‘This is Andrew Breitbart at the Drudge Report.’ The story rolled out on Drudge over the next few hours. It did a zillion hits. It played on cable news continually the next day. The campaign had to scramble to re-frame how people perceived her.”

Baker became friends with Breitbart and eventually wound up working with him for several years on and He goes on to highlight another crazy news bytes moment:

“I once managed to IM Andrew a live running transcript as Dan Rather announced to the CBS News team that he would be stepping down as anchor. The transcript went up on Drudge almost instantly. While Rather was still talking. People in the newsroom told me they saw it on their computers while they were sitting there listening to him. Epic.”

There are a several more anecdotes about Breitbart, who died suddenly in 2012, along with some interesting distinctions drawn by Baker between organic Web traffic and the kind that is fueled by VC money. Read the rest of the interview here.

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