The Book-Lovers iPad Review

Carolyn Kellogg of the LA Times book blog “Jacket Copy” deems the iPad a great medium for reading. She writes, “Books on the iPad are electronic without losing their essential bookness, in a way that e-books haven’t been before.” Kellog, focusing on the iPad’s iBooks app, makes a detailed comparison to the Kindle, currently the market leader in digital reading devices:

Of course, e-books are not physical books. On a Kindle, they aren’t even calibrated in terms of pages; rather, each screen of text is called a “location,” and a 300-page novel will have thousands of them, which makes it hard to keep track of where you left off.

The iPad, on the other hand, sticks with the more traditional designation and also indicates how many pages remain in whatever chapter is on the screen.

What this acknowledges is that there is a rhythm to reading: The first page of a heavy Harry Potter book promises 600 more; the thinning final pages of an Agatha Christie novel clue us in to the mystery getting sorted out. The iPad builds that into the e-reading experience.

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