The Boston Tweet Party (Facebook, Too)

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone: The Boston Herald published a riveting exposé on Boston government workers using Facebook and Twitter during work hours.

The offending workers’ bosses didn’t seem to mind, however. Boston City Council president Michael Ross said of communications director Amy Derjue, “I like what Amy’s doing. It’s not so that she’s fritting away her time…She doesn’t have time to waste.” And City Councilor John Tobin joked about administrative assistant David Isberg, “The thing I’m most upset about is all this time playing Mafia Wars and he hasn’t come close to the top 10 in scoring.”

Some of the Facebook and Twitter gems uncovered by the Herald:


Amy Derjue is going to sit in the Council meeting and nap.

Somebody bring me a hot coffee and fluffy sweater, please.

Look at the uterus. It is so cute.

20 minutes and I am OUT. Gone. No longer present. Do not contact unless you want to drink, shop, or watch sporting events.

Massachusetts Convention Center Authority communications director Mac Daniel posted an item showing that his name was an anagram for “I’m a candle.”

Johanna Sena, community liaison for Ross:

I say we plot to steal (co-worker) Julie’s portable heater. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.