The Boy Genius Report Blog Bought in a Deal Worth Millions

The Boy Genius Report (BGR) is well-known in the gadget community for providing amazing revelations about unreleased mobile products. While this blog does not focus on rumors and breaking news, I’ve certainly refered to and quoted information from BGR numerous times here. AllThingsD broke the story that BGR has been acquired by the founder/owner of

Mobile Blogger “Boy Genius” Unmasked, Acquired

BGR’s founder and owner, 23-year old Jonathan Geller, was quoted as sayin that this deal is worth multiple millions of dollars. As a fellow gadget blogger, I want to offer my congratulations to Mr. Geller and his blogging team on their meteoric rise and success if flipping their product for a nice chunk of change!

Best wishes to the team and their new owner. I hope we keep seeing those amazing gadget reveals from BGR going forward.