The Bromance of CNN’s Ed Henry and Ali Velshi

CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry and Chief Business Correspondent Ali Velshi may live and work in different cities — Henry in Washington, Velshi’s on air from Atlanta Monday through Friday — but their bromance (i.e. a complicated friendship shared by two straight males) has been budding for months.

“The bromance has been going on for three months, but it’s really heated up in the last few weeks,” Henry told FishbowlDC earlier this week.

To watch them on air in a segment known as the “Ed Henry Segment”, a watcher picks up on a sense of frolic as they exchange witty banter over who has more Twitter followers and such. Henry even once made a secret trip to Atlanta and surprised Velshi (for a TV segment, of course).

(By the way, both are unashamed about the bromance. Velshi is married; Henry is newly engaged.) “I think everybody is really secure about it,” Henry deadpanned.

This week Velshi is in Washington and apparently had a bad hotel experience. So Henry did what any self-respecting partner in a bromance would do — he purchased Velshi gifts and presented them to him on air off Russell Building balcony on Capitol Hill. The gifts, from the Union Station gift shop, included White House toilet paper and Rose Garden soap. He also bought him a tie clip as well as cuff links that cost $14.50 (note to Ed: probably best not to reveal the price when so cheap.) It was, however, unquestionably thoughtful – Velshi is a tie aficionado.

(Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) was spotted nearby laughing at the Henry-Velshi segment.)

Watch the video of the pair here.