The Calendar Boys of BuffPost

  You’ve heard of The Beltway Boys — how about the BuffPost Boys? Sam Stein and the guys over at HuffPost (dubbed “BuffPost” by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough this week) have given up shreds of dignity for charity purposes. Some of them had to know this wouldn’t end well. This is what happens when you put yourself on a calendar. Teenage girls are warned about stuff like this.

Asked if he felt like a male model, Stein told FBCD, “It’s for a really good cause. I’m glad I got to play a part in it.” Even when pushed and prodded, he refused to spice up his quote. He also caught a lot of heat during an appearance on “Morning Joe” earlier in the week. The hosts made fun of his plaid shirt. Mika Brzezinski called him “Calendar Boy” and cracked on him, saying, “I’m so distracted after seeing that calendar that I can’t take him seriously.” And then after using the word “outlandish” to describe something, Scarborough interrupted, “Outlandish? Outlandish says the man who wears a plaid shirt.” Brzezinksi soon grew serious and praised Stein for the good cause. It’s RaiseForWomen Challenge, which assists female-focused charities.

The guys apparently took their “cues” from Chippendales and NYC firefighters. But will they get naked for this thing? Washington Bureau Chief Ryan Grim remarked, “I would say that, for better or for worse, the calendar speaks pretty well for itself.”

Some observations… First off, no, no nudity. Secondly, Arianna Huffington has a “Chief of Staff?” What the hell? That’s right, it’s August’s Daniel Koh, who sucks on the tip of his glasses for his picture. Actually there are two Chiefs of Staff — one for Arianna, another for The Huffington Post Media Group. The latter would be June’s Koda Wang, whose pose is one part raw sex and five parts geek. And some of it is just downright awkward — like January’s Otto Toth, senior technical director, who looks like he’d rather be tortured Huck style in “Scandal” than pose for this picture. We can see him now, all bloody, beaten to a pulp and dropped into the cellar. “Do you have a wife?” NOOOOO.

Stein, Grim, Arthur Delaney and Senior Political Economy Reporter Zach Carter actually get away with murder in this thing by posing all together for July. Sure, it’s uncomfortable seeing all these guys so uncomfortable on a calendar. But comparatively, they sneaked by without too much damage inflicted on their reputations.

Editorial Director Howard Fineman also shows up for the shoot. He’s the stereotypical journalist, smoking, drinking, looking all “Mad Men” and like he doesn’t give two shits about what his bosses think. In other words, preparing for his next hit on MSNBC’s “Hardball.”

See the whole feature here. (It’s actually a well-done calendar and I’m considering purchasing copies for Eddie Scarry and Peter Ogburn to hang on their bathroom walls. I seem to remember Peter saying he really wanted one of these.)