The Chronicle‘s Alicia Parlette Has Died

Alicia Parlette, who chronicled her battle with cancer on, has succumbed to the disease at age 28.

Parlette was diagnosed with alveolar soft part sarcoma in 2005, just around the time she came aboard as a copy editor for The Chronicle after having graduating from the University of Nevada Reno’s school of journalism. The news came three years after her mother died of cancer.

Parlette wrote about her treatment and reaction to her disease for in a 17-part series titled “Alicia’s Story.”

After a series of complications, Parlette and her medical team decided to end her treatment in mid-April.

Remembers her brother:

Alicia loved working at The Chronicle. It gave her an outlet and made her feel good to help others with cancer. She appreciated all the love and support from everyone who read her story. She wants everyone to know that cancer sucks but always choose life and just do your best.

Parlette had hoped that her online chronicles will someday be published as a book.

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