The CNN GOP Debate Drinking Game Roundup

Sip responsibly.

Writing in Columbia Journalism Review, David Uberti criticizes CNN for turning the GOP debate into a gladiator-like escapade that values the raw excitement of Battle Trump vs. the world over the serious consideration of policy issues the next president will have to contend with.

“CNN doesn’t need its tabloid framing to ensure that millions watch the event,” he writes. “The danger of such a slant is that it buys into the idea that politics and policy should take a backseat to theatrics. Its approach reflects poorly on a political press already chastised for sensationalism.”

Uberti makes some very legitimate points we wanted to point out for Fishbowlers to consider before we swerve back to the entertainment side of things.

For those already committed to turning this debate into a bacchanalian spectacle, we’ve collected some drinking games options for you.

  • International Business Times gathers up rules from some of the drinking games already out there, layering in its own.
  • Time goes with a drinking game it warns you not to actually play, providing some beverage-specific drinking scenarios as well as a long list of “take a sip if” rules.
  • Rolling Stone has the usual bevy of scenario- and issue-specific rules, as well as a sip-section based on single words or phrases.
  • Newsweek takes the fun-for-the-whole-family approach, offering debate bingo cards with an optional drinking rules add-on.

The fun, all five hours of it, starts in less than an hour, with the low-polling crew up at 6 p.m. EST.