The Cover Letter of the Century?

Here’s a cover letter from Ask A Manager that isn’t flashy, hilarious, or gimmicky, but the person who received it said the writer should “get the award for best cover letter ever.”

Here’s an excerpt (read the whole thing at AAM):

While my official title at ____ was Project Management Coordinator, in reality I was known as the person who could do everything. Hats I wore there included copywriter, researcher extraordinaire, PowerPoint & Word guru and my favorite – She Who Must Be Obeyed (earned for riding herd on the account executives and graphics geniuses). We were a small company where everyone had to pitch in, and I thrived on the excitement of being involved at every level of every project.

While writing is my passion, project management is my bread and butter. Keeping on top of projects and making sure all parts get to the finish line at the same time is one thing I do best. The ability to juggle projects and never missing a deadline didn’t just develop through my professional experience. It also comes from having three kids in four years – all with very different personalities, activities, schedules and demands. It was adapt or die trying. I’ve learned to budget my time and my assets, and most importantly, I’ve learned to be flexible and to get things done.

As we said, it’s not flashy, but it shows the writer’s personality, it covers stuff a recruiter would want to know without repeating the writer’s resume, and most importantly, it reads like it was written by a human.

The letter-writer ended up getting the job, too. Rock on, cover letter writer.

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