‘The Daily Show’ Examines Republican Opposition To Anti-Rape Bill

In 2005, Halliburton/KBR employee Jamie Leigh Jones was violently gang-raped by her co-workers while in Iraq. After she reported the crime, KBR ordered her to be held prisoner in a shipping container by armed guards. She was denied food, water and medical treatment for over a day until outside forces intervened to have her released from KBR custody. KBR “lost” the rape kit and other evidence collected in the case.

Finally safe, Jones found that she was not allowed to sue because her employment contract said that sexual assault allegations would only be heard in private arbitration – a process that overwhelmingly favors the employers.

Her plight inspired Senator Al Franken to introduce an amendment to the Defense Appropriations bill. The amendment would keep the government from doing business with contractors that provided legal loopholes for rapists. And… well, we’ll let Jon Stewart tell the rest of the story:

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