The Daily Show Rips Into Jesse Watters’ Chinatown Segment

"So when they mention Mexico, do you send someone to Taco Bell?"

The Daily Show offered its own take on the much derided Jesse Watters Chinatown segment that appeared on the The O’Reilly Factor earlier this week, calling on senior media correspondent Ronny Chieng to get the job done. He had a lot to say, a lot of it in curse, but he began with a barb at Fox News embedded within a larger barb at Watters.

“Ok. First of all, let me get this straight,” he said. “They say China in the debate so you go to Chinatown? In New York. So when they mention Mexico, do you send someone to Taco Bell? Chinatown is nothing like China. They have nothing to do with each other. That’s like if they brought up women’s rights so I decided to go to Fox News to get some opinions.”

Chieng himself ventured into Chinatown to talk with the people there, “in a language they understood: human.” The cleverest part of the bit came not from what was being said, but how–a slowly-building challenge to stereotypes about language.

Chieng’s first interview was in Chinese, a question and answer about historic and current American attitudes toward immigrants. The next began in Chinese as well, but his interviewee’s reference to Mad magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman led to a follow-up question in English and a response in kind. In the next the interviewee also switched from Chinese to English, revealing herself to be from Queens, New York. Bilingualism established, it was clear the choice to conduct the interviews in Chinese was made to mock the assumption inherent when Watters featured interviewees who appeared not to understand English.

But Chieng’s last interview was all English.

“What are your thought on the Jesse Watters video from Fox News?”

“The chickenshit reporter who came down and thought he was being [bleeped out] because he talked to people who couldn’t speak English?”

“Yeah, that douchebag piece of shit.”

“The one who was sent here by the larger chickenshit who couldn’t come to Chinatown because he was afraid to do it himself? That one?”

“Yeah, that guy.”

“The one with no testicles, the one who came down here, who said, ‘let me talk to some old people and let me put them on camera without asking them and then sort of put them on national television and made fun of them in the worst possible way. That asshole?”

“Yeah, I think we’re talking about the same guy.”

“Right, right, right. What was the question again?”

“I can’t even remember.”

Watch the entire video below.

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