The Data Piece of Peace On Facebook

All Facebook is saying is give peace a chance, with a little bit of data thrown in.

All Facebook is saying is give peace a chance, with a little bit of data thrown in.

The social network’s data team touted its contribution to the Peace on Facebook page in the form of a chart titled, “Is World Peace Possible?,” which asks the question, “Do you think we will achieve world peace within 50 years?,” to users in 11 countries in their native tongues, displaying the sentiment graphically.

The countries chosen by the Facebook data team to appear in the chart: Albania, Egypt, Germany, Israel, Korea, Russia, Serbia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and the United States.

The Peace on Facebook page debuted in October 2009, as part of Stanford University’s Peace Dot initiative. In addition to the “Is World Peace Possible Chart,” the page also features:

  • Friendships on Facebook, which tracks the number of friendships between countries known for testy relations with each other — Israel and Palestine; Greece and Turkey; Albania and Serbia; and India and Pakistan;
  • Share Your Thoughts, an area where Facebook users can respond to and comment on responses to the questions, “What do you think about peace and technology? Do you think we are moving towards a better place?”; and
  • A link to the Facebook Stories page, where users of the social network share their tales of how Facebook has impacted them, with contributions grouped by location or theme.

Readers: Are you surprised that only 13.43 percent of respondents from the United States believe world peace can be achieved within 50 years? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.