The Economist Online Launches The Conversation Cloud

No need to grab an umbrella: The Economist Online will launch The Conversation Cloud Thursday, with the new feature compiling users’ opinions on various topics from comments posted on articles, blogs, and debates to feature the most popular discussions on the site.

The Conversation Cloud was developed with Jodange, and Logica is supporting it throughout Europe. The Economist Online said it currently receives a monthly average of 25,000 comments.

The Economist vice president of product and community development Ron Diorio said:

The idea of The Conversation Cloud is to allow readers to better navigate through conversations and to encourage and facilitate intellectual conversation between readers. Making The Economist Online more social is part of the site’s transformation into the global hub for intelligent debate and discussion. Readers from all parts of the world regularly come together on The Economist Online to have their horizons stretched and their thinking sharpened. The Economist ignites their thinking.

Logica chief client officer Amanda Mesler added:

The Conversation Cloud is the perfect way for readers to get involved in the issues facing businesses and the world today. It’s about getting voices heard. Logica is excited to be partnering with The Economist to spark conversations that will inspire and change the way people engage with content. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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