The Economist’s Feb. 11 Cover: Trump, Putin and a Lipstick Kiss

A cover to top red-eyed Putin

Headshot of Corinne Grinapol

The image on The Economist’s newest cover, Courting Russia, is a variation on a theme: President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in profile, close enough that they could almost kiss. In The Economist’s black and white and pink version, the implication is that a kiss has already happened, the pink imprint of rounded lips on Putin’s cheek a match to the pink stain on Trump’s lips.

It’s not the first outré cover art the magazine has published relating to either president. Just last week there was a cover depicting President Trump as a molotov-cocktail-holding flamethrower, as well as Oct. 22nd’s pop art style, red-eyed Putin cover.

The article behind the cover looks at what possible benefits can be had by seeking to work with Russia.


The quest for a grand bargain with Mr Putin is delusional. No matter how great a negotiator Mr Trump is, no good deal is to be had. Indeed, an overlooked risk is that Mr Trump, double-crossed and thin-skinned, will end up presiding over a dangerous and destabilising falling-out with Mr Putin.