The End of the New York Daily News

Nothing lasts forever.

NY_DNThe darkness that has enveloped the New York Daily News since owner Mort Zuckerman began cutting veteran staffers has not abated. If anything, it’s getting worse.

The New York Times reports that some staffers were cut while on vacation. One reporter found out she was fired because when she arrived at her desk, an intern was in her seat. The morning assignment editor was told to leave the building after giving out the day’s duties.

The end game for Zuckerman? Turning the News into a digital-first publication. That’s why there’s that “web project” in New Jersey. And that’s why lately, you’d see an offensive News front page and wonder “Is this the Post or the News?”

“We’re focusing the News more and more on its online activities,” told the Times. “It’s a younger audience and that’s what advertisers want.”

Unfortunately for fans of the News, this strategy means the end of the News as a distinctly New York paper.

“The Daily News has always been a New York paper for New York people” Michael Daly, a former News columnist, told the Times. “It’s been part of the city’s life in a way no other paper has been — or at least it was till now.”

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