The eXiled and Big Government Exchange More Words

There’s been a relatively small flare up in the emerging battle between Mark Ames of The eXiled and Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government. Nothing major. Like North and South Koreans firing a few potshots over the DMZ, without actually hitting anything.

Basically Big Government’s Joel Pollak, who decided to take on The eXiled last week with a lengthy “expose” into Ames’ libertine past, seems to have just figured out that The eXiled likes to screw with the comments on its site. He posted an “update” to his original story revealing this practice–which the eXiled is quite open about.

Ames, of course, responded by making fun of Pollak unmercifully.

By Joel B. Pollak’s own “UPDATE” we learn how he deployed this futuristic hi-tech weapon that they call a “proxy” to crack the second-greatest mystery of our time (after the great Johnny Chen Conspiracy, which Joel B. Pollak already solved): Does the Almighty eXiled Moderator improve retarded comments? I mean sure, we make it plain and clear to every mongoloid inbred or Koch-sucking troll who comes onto our site that all comments can and will be subject to IQ-improvement by The Almighty Exiled Moderator… but folks, that didn’t stop ace cub reporter Joel B. Pollak from putting on his cub-reporter’s hat and going undercover, deploying his hi-tech super-futuristic “Proxy” to break open the truth about The eXiled Moderator.

Funny stuff. Still waiting for Andrew Breitbart to get personally involved though. So far his only response to Ames’ calling him out has been to inexplicably flame yours truly on Twitter.

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