The Facebook Marketing Bible – May 2010 Edition Is Now Available

The Facebook Marketing Bible: 50+ Ways to Market Your Brand, Company, Product, or Service Inside Facebook has enabled thousands of marketers, social application developers, publishers, and entrepreneurs to understand and get the most out of the increasingly sophisticated marketing opportunities on Facebook.

Now, as Facebook continues to roll out exciting changes affecting brands and websites of all sizes, this leading resource and tool is updated and more essential than ever before. The newly revised and expanded May 2010 edition is now available.

The densely-packed Facebook Marketing Bible contains four detailed sections: Tools for Guerilla Marketers, Tools for Advertisers, Tools for Application Developers, and Tools for Webmasters. Each part outlines the best available channels and strategies for reaching your audience inside Facebook. Please see the full table of contents below.

In addition, Inside Facebook is happy to announce that through May 31st all customers who purchase the Facebook Marketing Bible will also receive a free $25 Facebook Ads advertising credit, courtesy of Facebook (see terms). Now that Facebook has crossed the 400 million active user mark, there’s never been a better time to reach your target audience inside Facebook.

The May 2010 edition includes updates on the following topics:

  • Detailed updates on Facebook’s recent upgrade to its Insights analytics dashboard for Page administrators and app developers. Ever since Facebook redesign its Pages, brands, celebrities, and small businesses have been showing increased interest in managing their Page and publishing to the Facebook Stream. The upgraded Insights dashboard should equip Page managers to do a much better job.
  • Full details on Facebook’s new Open Graph Protocol. At Facebook’s f8 developer conference this past month, Facebook unveiled its Open Graph protocol, a new way of structuring data on the websites, and then connecting the data with the social identity that users build on Facebook. The Open Graph protocol will change the way users interact with Facebook’s social features, and impact how websites, brands and app developers gain visibility in front of the millions of users that log in to the site every day. How could it affect your brand, site, Facebook Page, or marketing campaign? We have all the details on how every brand manager, marketer, and website owner can understand and utilize the Open Graph to increase customer engagement and brand and content distribution within Facebook itself.
  • A detailed breakdown of Facebook’s five new social plugins, and what they mean for site owners. Along with its Open Graph protocol, Facebook announced five new social plugins designed to help websites boost virality and user engagement by leveraging Facebook’s existing services. The Like button, the Activity Stream plugin, the Recommendations plugin, the Facebook Login plugin, and the Social Bar plugin each have the potential of changing how your users interact with your website, and how your website gains distribution on Facebook. We take a close look at each of these plugins and how brands and sites can make the most of them.
  • Updates on Facebook Connect, and the recent retirement of the Connect brand.The idea behind Facebook Connect is one that’s critical to understanding where Facebook is headed in the future. Now that Facebook has released the Open Graph protocol and social plugins, and retired the Connect brand, what do website owners need to know?
  • The latest updates on Facebook’s advertising tools, including the per post insights, conversion tracking, and powerful new targeting features. Facebook’s new Ads Manager is here, and Facebook Ads are becoming more efficient to use than ever before. Facebook recently added several thousand new cities for local ad targeting. And, with Facebook’s new “connection” targeting, “friends of connections” targeting, birthday targeting, and time scheduling tools, advertisers now have the ability to reach their target audiences in more targeted ways – and measure them with Facebook’s improved per post insights. Learn how to use these new tools to get the most out of your performance marketing dollars. Plus, check out ways Facebook is experimenting with virtual currency gifting and branded virtual gifts.
  • Full details on Facebook’s Platform API changes and Facebook Credits virtual currency payment service for application developers. Find out the latest on what Facebook’s latest Platform API changes mean for marketers, and what Facebook’s new payment program means for the future of virtual currency payments on Facebook (and Facebook revenues) – including Facebook’s latest international currency efforts.
  • New tools for advertisers to target their Facebook Ads better than ever before. With enhanced Facebook targeting tools, advertisers now have the ability to reach their target audiences in much more powerful ways. Learn how to use these new tools to get the most out of your performance marketing dollars. Plus, check out ways Facebook is experimenting with virtual currency gifting and branded virtual gifts.
  • Plus, more updates on the removal of application notifications, what that means for marketers, and more.

The Facebook Marketing Bible is also available in French, Spanish, Italian, and print.

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