The Financial Times Calls Apple’s Bluff

The FT would rather give up its iPad app than lose its direct relationship with subscribers.

Right around the beginning of the year Apple added a new rule for apps that run on iOS. It now wanted everyone who sold content outside of an app to also sell it inside the app. Oh, and pay Apple 30% of the in-app sales.

The Financial Times is the first to refuse to go along with Apple’s demands. Selling subscriptions directly to its customers is worth too much, because it allows it to customize advertising and products to its audience. “We don’t want to lose our direct relationship with our subscribers. It’s at the core of our business model,” Rob Grimshaw said on Monday.  He’s willing to give up the iPad app, if necessary: “If it turns out that one or another channel doesn’t mix with the way we want to do business, there’s a large number of other channels available to us.”

Worse comes to worse, subscribers to The Financial Times will still be able to visit the website via Safari, thus rendering Apple’s rules moot.

via Reuters

image by DG Jones