The Financial Times Gives Print News Another Five Years Before It Gets Put To Pasture

A bold prediction from the Financial Times: Madi Solomon, director of global content for the paper’s parent group, Pearson, said during a panel at the E-Publishing Innovation Forum that he gives the print industry five years to reach its “sunset,” that is, not the end, but the beginning of the end”

They’re not saying that, by five years, they’ll completely stop it, but they do see that the sunset is going to be in about five years for them.

He added that, because of this realization, Pearson is pulling back on its print efforts and focusing instead on building and expanding its online and digital presence, especially with regards to its educational-focused materials in certain geographic locations like California and Singapore.

PaidContentUK includes other, much more far-ranging prediction from names at other publications: Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger believes the paper’s current print factory will run until about 2025, with that date “telescoping quite dramatically now,” and John Witherow, editor of the London Times sees the end of print will definitely happen well within the next thirty years.

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