The First Author to Read from an iPad at In-Store Event

There’s really no way to prove it, but it looks like we have a record of the first fiction writer to give an in-store reading from his iPad. The author in question is Jim Hanas, who recounts the event at McNally Jackson bookstore in New York on his blog. This story from Scientific American about the event and eBooks in general, corroborates Hansas’ claim.

Everybody’s eager to show off their iPad, or everyone who hasn’t got an iPad wants to see somebody else’s. What do you think: is this iPad reading pretentious or cool? This blogger says it’s cool.

If this whole eBook thing takes off, it won’t be long before paper will be out of the writing/ author/ career process entierly. We’ll write on screen, publish on screen, read on screen. If somebody really wants to make bank, they should come up with paper that works like a screen.

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