The Fishbowl Interview With WHCA Prez Edwin Chen

Bloomberg’s White House Correspondent Edwin Chen has got to be one of the nicest journalists in this town. He stands in some very big shoes this weekend as president of the White House Correspondents’ Association — in other words, the man who has had to deal with so much ego &*))$#!# over the last several months it would make your head spin. He deserves a big round of applause. (Note to readers: We’ve amended our regular interview this week to make it relevant to the weekend.)

What is your favorite moment from all White House Correspondents’ Dinners Past? My most memorable moment was during the 2008 dinner, when Laura Bush turned the tables on me during our discussion about the pros and cons of President Bush attending the Summer Olympics in Beijing — when she asked ME whether he should go.

What dress color ought a woman wear to the dinner? Best dress color — the one my wife wears.

Which party is typically the most fun? Most fun party — As we like to say at Bloomberg… Let’s party!

Aside from Jay Leno, who is your idea of a dream entertainer? Conan O’Brien.

Which star at the event has made you star struck? The same one every year: Meredith Ferguson Chen, my darling wife.