The Forbes List Is Now a Podcast, Too

Host Jordan Harbinger goes behind the making of the lists

Headshot of Corinne Grinapol

Forbes’ annual lists of the wealthy, the powerful, and the talented get the spoken word treatment with The Forbes List, a new weekly podcast from the publication, hosted on Podcast One as part of an ongoing partnership between the two organizations.

Jordan Harbinger, who also hosts the decade-old Art of Charm podcast, is the host of The Forbes List. “On the show we talk to the Forbes editors that curate their famous and respected lists, like self-made richest people, billionaires and highest-paid athletes,” he says in the promo for the show. “We’ll get behind the scenes insight and information that doesn’t make the cut.”

The first episode is out and starts with the The World’s Billionaires List, featuring commentary from Forbes’ Kerry Dolan, assistant managing editor of wealth, about how Forbes calculates wealth, billionaires who’d rather stay off and details about how some on the list try to jockey for position.

“The amount of ego that some of the members of these lists have, the billionaires list in particular, is kind of astounding. For people who are incredibly successful, there are some people for whom that success isn’t enough, where they really want to have a higher rank,” says Dolan on the show. “I spend an inordinate amount of time for a very small amount of people fielding calls from their chief financial officer who’s lobbying to get their boss a higher net worth on the list.”

Sounds very…relevant.

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