The Future of Digital Media: Visual Media and Niche Audiences (Report)

Video is taking over digital media, and personalization may be contributing to the development of siloed audiences.

The landscape of social marketing and content creation is forever changing. This year, we’ve seen a boom in influencer marketing and a tighter focus on return on investment across the industry. Visual content, video-based marketing and the slow adoption of live video and virtual reality technology could also provide many more changes in 2017. A report from content creation and distribution network Valnet examines possible trends for 2017.

Visual content is going to be strictly necessary going forward, as mobile devices become more core to the internet experience. The study indicates that more than one-half of all videos are now viewed on mobile, up 15 percent from last year and more than 200 percent from 2014. This year also saw streaming video reach 50 percent of all U.S. households.

While all audiences are increasingly searching for video content, the nature of audiences is also changing. Indeed, people are less engaged with traditional news publications and cable channels, especially among younger sectors of the audience. However, online magazines are expected to grow, and 40 percent of audiences surveyed by Pew Research Center obtained most of their news and information from online sources.

As a result, niche audiences are growing, and they can be highly engaged and interactive. Marketers may be more interested in the specific targeting, but it’s possible that this trend is contributing to siloed audiences and the propagation of fake news, which may have a negative impact on social sites in the long run.

For more information on the influence of programmatic ad buying, new video technologies and other developments in content marketing, read the full report.