The GOP’s Biggest Nightmare: Vice President Hulk Hogan

Hey, America! If this happens, "what'cha gonna' do?!"

According to the latest polls, Donald Trump is pummeling every Republican candidate who dares to cross him. Despite his exploits in the world of PR, the guy still is as puzzling and popular as his hair.

And now, he already has people clamoring to become his president of vice. Ladies and gentlemen, are you a “Real American“? Because this guy is…

The epicenter of professional wrestling (and most recently, adult video, racism, and a skosh of #PRFail) Terry Bollea has placed his bandana in the ring. The man known globally as “Hulk Hogan” has been disgraced because of his mouth and shunned by his former employer, but that’s not stopping him from trying to stay relevant.

He was caught by TMZ Sports (because vultures usually hover above the dead) when he was asked about any hard feelings toward Vince McMahon wiping his legacy away despite the fact that many black wrestlers vouched for him.

Of course, he is not mad at all. And then, he thought he would chime in with this career aspiration:

That’s right, Hulk wants to be Vice President. And why not? Trump and Hogan are actually long-time friends.

“Hulk and I are the best of friends,” Trump said in an interview, dangling pink feet from the side of the Jacuzzi he placed on the South Lawn. “There is no daylight between us.”

Trump’s relationship with WWE and Hogan began back in the early ’90s. From hosting two Wrestlemania events to appearing at Wrestlemania 23 in 2007 during the “Battle of the Billionaires” with blowhard Vince McMahon, WWE owner and president. The guy has even been inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame for his five Wrestlemania appearances, among countless others on TV broadcasts.

Many pundits and potential voters are considering this GOP season to be borderline comical with the irate news conferences and surreal claims to win the election. So, why not make a full cartoon with the GOP ticket?

How bad could it really be? Oh, wait a minute…