The Happiest Country on Twitter is… [Infographic]

If you looked at tweets from every country with a big presence on Twitter, which one do you think would be tweeting the most positive sentiment? Hint: it’s a European country, and it’s probably not what you’d expect.

Created by PhD student Alex Davies, the Twitter World Happiness Map ranks each country in terms of the number of “happy words” and “sad words” they tweet. Davies sampled an unspecified number of tweets from each country on the map, and used the number of happy and sad words to calculate just how happy the tweeting populace of each is.

And the number one, happiest country on Twitter? Germany.

Germany is the happiest country on Twitter, constantly using words like “feliz”, “happy” and “love”, as well as sentiments like 🙂 and ^_^ in their tweets.

The most unhappy country on the map is Sweden, as its tweeters more often use words like “sad”, “sorry”, “pain” and “miss” rather than “love”, “happy” and “good”.

Davies did a more in-depth analysis of the US in his Twitter World Happiness Map, examining each state’s happiness based on what they tweet.

While there was not enough data for about 10 states, Tennessee came out in first place among those that were calculated. As the happiest state, Tennessee tweets lots of happy faces, exclamation marks and words like “happy”, “love”, “good” and “thanks”.

New York only landed 14th most happy state, and California, home-base to Twitter’s San Francisco operations, was 18th.

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