The Hill Wants to ‘Connect, Define and Engage’

Want to rub elbows with bigwigs? The Hill’s Publisher and Executive Veep Francine McMahon sent an enticing email to certain companies and organizations around town on Tuesday. The purpose of the email was to invite the groups to co-host a cocktail party that The Hill is having to honor Congress’ Committee Chairs and Ranking Members.

Note the management speak and purposeful bolding: “It is a great opportunity to connect with key Members and staff, define your message with them from the start, and engage them in your issues,” she writes.

Joked a Washingtonian who received it, “CONNECT, DEFINE AND ENGAGE!! Hells yeah.  I’m in!!!”

UPDATE: By the way, sponsor benefits include  an ad to run into the salute chairman and ranking members issue on the day of the reception, branding and logo info on all the promotional materials, up to 25 event tickets, photography of the event and bonus distribution. The cost: 25k. Analysis: Overall, pricey. One could put $25k into their own reception or divide it up to donate to candidates. On the other hand, guess there’s nothing like exposure.

See the invitation…