The Hill’s Shizz-alicious WHCA Dinner Guest is…

John Wall, a basketball player for the Washington Wizards. He played formerly for the University of Kentucky.

Noteworthy details: He’s 6’4″. For much of his youth, his father, now deceased, was in prison for armed robbery. Wall is known for his “John Wall dance” which involves flexing his biceps and a twist of the wrist. It was inspired by the late Anthony “Sugar Shizz” Talbert’s rendition of the song “Do the Shizz.”

Some brave reporter must request a live performance.

UPDATE: The idea behind the invitation to Wall came from White House correspondent Sam Youngman, who, as some know, is a “diehard” Kentucky basketball fan. He’s been working on landing the invitation for more than a month. And besides, the dinner falls on the reporter’s birthday. So Wall had to say yes.