The Hill’s Top Editors Are Also Its Newest Columnists

The Power Game.

The Hill editor in chief Bob Cusack and managing editor Ian Swanson have turned their combined total of 40 years of experience reporting in Washington toward penning a new column.

Called The Power Game, the column, which debuted yesterday, will feature a mix of reporting and analysis on major political issues. “Power is what everyone in politics craves,” Cusack told FishbowlDC, “so the column will focus on the pursuit of power, whether that’s on Capitol Hill, the presidential campaign trail or anywhere else.”

Their debut column takes a look at the imagined campaign of the press’ favorite unannounced candidate, Joe Biden. Future columns, whatever they touch on, will continue to be source heavy. According to Cusack, columns will “be based on what our sources are telling us–not opinion. We are working the phones and meeting with newsmakers to get the behind the scenes information readers crave.”