The Huffington Post AOL Media Group Launches First E-Book

To us, e-books are an odd thing. They’re somewhere between a book and an article. They exist in this odd middle area that almost provokes enough interest to make you want to check them out, but in the end you never do. Kind of like movies starring Jim Carrey. But that hasn’t stopped publishers from giving them a try. The latest comes from The Huffington Post AOL Media Group, which has launched its first e-book, titled A People’s History of the Great Recession.

The e-book is written by Arthur Delaney and covers what happened to the unemployed, the middle class and “the every man,” when the economic crisis began a few years ago. “Nearly every book about the economic crisis of the late 2000s focuses on the institutions that caused the recession and the brilliant geniuses who were at the top when it all went down,” said Delaney of his work. “This book is about the people on the bottom who got flattened — through no fault of their own.”

Arianna Huffington is excited about Delaney’s project. She stated in a blog post, “Arthur embraced his mission with a powerful combination of passion, empathy, and a healthy dose of anger.”

Here is an excerpt if you’re interested. The e-book is available for download on the Kindle, Nook, Apple iBook or Kobo.