The Huffington Post Launches A Daily Newsletter For DC News

The Huffington Post continues to add little pimentos to its olive loaf of news and entertainment (please just go with it), with the launch of a newsletter they’re calling “HuffPost Hill.” The daily, afternoon email will feature stories on DC news and gossip, including a tip sheet of upcoming TV and news appearances by big players in our nation’s capital.

Ryan Grim, the Huffington Post’s chief congressional correspondent, will edit HuffPost Hill, which will be put together by Eliot Nelson. Other contributors include chief White House correspondent Sam Stein, HuffPost reporter Arthur Delaney, national editor Nico Pitney, senior Washington correspondent Dan Froomkin, and media editor Jason Linkins. Shahien Nasiripour, Ryan McCarthy and Simon Johnson will cover finance-related DC news.

Said Grim of the newsletter:

The idea for a daily DC newsletter came as my colleagues and I kept hearing all these great news tidbits from around town that were otherwise going to waste. It occurred to us that if we collected all the interesting stuff we overheard and added highlights of what the beltway was buzzing about, we could create a daily read as compelling as it is insightful for those who work in politics and those who really care about it.

The Huffington Post also recently introduced Twitter editions of its ever-growing roster of verticals, as well as a food blog and an arts blog.