The Human Tetris Project Has Come To Facebook And It Needs Your Face

Electronic Arts is bringing a new version of Tetris, The Human Tetris Project, to Facebook, and they are asking fans to submit photos of their faces to be shown on the blocks. You can head here to submit your photo and message.

The concept of The Human Tetris Project is that players are able to add their photo and messages to a list of Tetris fans, and then that photo and message is entered into a constantly running game of Tetris, where players and their blocks are dropped onto a Tetris grid. The game also has a mode where if you put players`faces together, they disappear. It`s like a more social Tetris.

EA is using this to promote their mobile Tetris game, and the game isn`t yet overly popular at only 5,000 MAU, but it`s worth keeping an eye on to see if things improve. Give the game a shot here.

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