The Inquirer Goes 3D As Former Publisher Tierney Leaves His Post

Yet another publication has jumped up on the 3D bandwagon: First, China’s Shiyan Evening News introduced a fun and zany series of 3D ads, then The Sun announced its plan to run 3D features this summer in celebration of the World Cup, and, most recently, Playboy had some three-dimensional boobs. Fun! Now the Philadelphia Inquirer is planning a 3D section for its June 13th issue, complete with 3D pictures and advertisements.

This fun, exciting announcement was made by the Inquirer‘s outgoing publisher and CEO Brian Tierney, just as he was about to leave his job forever! Tierney told about his future plans:

I’m looking at a lot of opportunities that could be exciting. But frankly nothing is going to match the last four years.

Tierny is leaving today in advance of officially handing over the company to its new owners — the creditors that purchased Philadelphia Papers LLC — later this summer.