The Kno Tablet is Dead!

Hard on the heels of Kno’s new financing announcement was the quiet death of the Kno hardware.

I’ve just received a screen shot from a buyer of the Kno tablet. His order has been cancelled, sadly. You can click on the image at right to see the screen shot full sized.

Update: I also have confirmation from a source with the company. Iasked, and I was told “No.  They are no longer manufacturing the device“.

I have to say that I am a little surprised; I would have thought the orders that were supposed to ship next week had already been made. They might not be boxed up just yet (firmware updates), but they should exist.

So either Kno had them destroyed or the production run never happened. It’s also possible that the production run was killed because too many people had cancelled their orders.

On the other hand, killing the hardware means that it won’t have to be supported with firmware updates, replacement parts, and tech support. Destroying already built devices might actually have been the least-cost solution.

This is probably going to sound like 20-20 hindsight, but this tablet was probably doomed from the start. It debuted in a recession and at a price point considerably higher than the iPad. What’s worse is that the iPad also had a couple really good digital textbook apps (Inkling, for example).