The Latest Numbers on Facebook’s September US Traffic from comScore, Quantcast, & Compete

ComScore, Quantcast, and Compete have all just released their September numbers, so here’s the latest look at Facebook’s US traffic according to each metrics firm. As always, it’s important to note that these services often differ from one another because each service uses different methodologies with different strengths and weaknesses – usually based on some combination of self reporting, ISP reporting, and panel sampling – but together, we can use them to triangulate trends in Facebook’s US traffic. So, here’s the latest.

1. comScore: 95.5 million US uniques, up 8.9% m/m, up 131% y/y

comScore is reporting a big jump in Facebook’s US traffic this month – nearly 9 percent to 95.5 million people. comScore also reports that Facebook is reaching 60% of the total US social network audience of 156.7 million people right now.

2. Quantcast: 99.6 million US uniques, up 5.3% m/m, up 149% y/y

Quantcast is also reporting strong growth for Facebook in September, at 5.3% to just shy of 100 million uniques. That’s about a 150% gain over the last 12 months.

3. Compete: 122.9 million US uniques, up 1.9% m/m, up 209% y/y

Finally, Compete is reporting an increase in Facebook traffic in 2% for the month, to 122.9 million people. Again, we’re not sure why Compete’s numbers are so much higher than those reported by others (or Facebook itself), but one possibility is it’s lumping in Connect integrations somehow too.

For reference, Facebook reported its own US traffic at the end of September to be 88.3 million uniques in its own advertiser tools. Facebook’s published numbers are usually slightly delayed, however, and are usually lower than those reported by third party services.