The Making of an eBook Part 10: Uploaded!

My editor at BOA, Peter Conners, has just uploaded the eBook version of Cradle Book to the Kindle DTP. I just wanted to take a sec and share with you the automated message he got back from Amazon. This is the standard thing they send when you upload content for sale in the Kindle store:

Publishing Cradle Book: Stories & Fables. Your book is currently under review by the Kindle Operations team as we are trying to improve the Kindle customer experience. The Kindle Store requires approximately 48 hours for English and 2-3 business days for other languages to make your content available for purchase. This will not affect any titles you are currently selling in the store, but uploading updates to existing titles will take longer to process

And here’s what Peter told me about the process of uploading a book to the DTP: “Once the files are sent to me in zip files, uploading them to Kindle takes, literally, 10 minutes. Most of those 10 minutes is spent entering book info (book description, price, etc.) and uploading a cover image. It is a very easy process. But, again, that’s just the final stage of a lengthy process. I can safely say that uploading the files to Kindle is the easiest part.”

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