The Making of an eBook Part 11: My eBook Is Published

I have some exciting news to share: my eBook is published. The Kindle edition of Cradle Book: Stories and Fables, which, as I reported, was uploaded on Thursday, appeared in the Kindle store on Friday. I downloaded a copy myself (and made my Aunt, who owns a Kindle do the same), and I must say it looks mighty fine. And it’s only seven bucks!

So, what I plan to do in the next few posts in this series is tell you a bit about what I’m doing to help market the Kindle edition of my book. While I do have a traditional publisher behind me for both the print and eBook editions, they haven’t done too many eBooks, and, as is always the case in the brave new world of publishing, the more marketing work I do in my book’s behalf, the better it will sell. So, later this week I’ll tell you all about my marketing plans, plus I’ll talk to my editor and see how things look from his end, and maybe get a peek behind the scenes of the Kindle DTP.

But, for today, let’s just let the good news sink in. More soon.