The Making of an eBook: Part 9.5: Almost There

My publisher just told me today that they’re almost ready to upload Cradle Book to the Kindle Store. BOA has decided to do it in advance of the print edition, which will be ready around May 1–that’s another advantage of eBook publishing: no waiting for the printer to print the book. The eBook could be available as soon as next week!

Cradle Book for Kindle is in the final proofing stages, and once that’s done, up it goes.

So, in the next week or so, I’m going to post a bit about what my editor, Peter Conners, has to do to get the book live. He and I are also going to look at what it takes to upload it to stores other than Amazon’s, so look out for that. Then I’ll show you what happens once your book is in the Kindle store, and I’ll see if I can get behind the scenes in the Amazon Digital Text Platform.

Also coming soon in this series, how to publish your eBook to iPad.