The Man Behind Bloomberg Businessweek’s Look

Bloomberg Businessweek has received a lot of praise for its look, and the man who made that happen is Richard Turley. Today, Business Insider has an interview with him in which he sheds a little light onto his thought process when designing the magazine.

Turley makes a great point when he explains that people interact with a magazine in a variety of ways. He says that readers sometimes want just a quick bit of information, while at other times want something they can sit down with and digest over a long period of time:

You kind of have to celebrate the fact that you’re on paper and that there’s a certain narrative drive to the structure of a magazine, which people like and respond to.

You start with small bits at the front, and work through to bigger things; the narrative arc of that. You dip in and out in a magazine in a much different way than you dip in and out of things on the Internet.

Turley also says that despite being a design guy, he realizes that articles are what sells a magazine, and even recognizes the ultimate truth of our world, that Oprah tops all:

I think good stories sell magazines better than good design. At the heart of every magazine has got to be its journalism. I think it probably helps, I mean certainly a good cover helps. But then I don’t think there’s necessarily a prescription for what is a good cover. i mean, a good cover might be putting Oprah on the cover. That’s probably going to sell more copies than however great my idea is.