The Media Tweeters Who Matter

The Wrap has published a list of the top 25 media insiders to follow on Twitter. A few of our favorites:

Jim Romenesko

Media columnist,


Why you should follow: Romenesko’s Poynter column, along with Mediabistro’s newsfeed, is the media industry’s go-to digest. Romenesko, though, serves up quicker Twitter updates.

Recent sample tweet: “Grand Forks Herald tightens security after learning employees had nothing to do with gun found in break room.”

If you do, be prepared for: More newspaper industry news than is probably necessary.

The Media is Dying
Why you should follow: One of the first widely-followed Twitter feeds for the media industry, @themediaisdying – created by Paul Armstrong, an ex-MySpace employee based in the U.K. — quickly gained acclaim for posting rumors of layoffs and closings before anyone else. And with more than 22,000 followers, you probably should follow just to keep track of what everyone else is.
Recent sample tweet: “BREAKING: Oregonian lays off 37 employees; newsroom hit hardest.”
If you do, be prepared for: Occasional tweets about the death of some publication you never heard of which has no bearing on your business whatsoever.

Ana Marie Cox
Political blogger, GQ
Why you should follow: Liberal blogger, Wonkette, Time magazine, Radar and Air America veteran and Rachel Maddow regular is about as sharp-witted as they come, which makes Twitter perhaps the best platform to absorb her running media commentary.
Recent sample tweet: “WHY IS JENNA BUSH ON MY TV.”
If you do, be prepared for: Links to nauseatingly cute pictures of her dogs.

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