‘The Mozart Effect’ Author Releases New Enhanced eBook

Author Don Campbell, who penned the bestselling The Mozart Effect, has a new enhanced eBook available from Hudson Street Press called Healing at the Speed of Sound.

The book, which is a collaboration with scientist Alex Doman, teaches readers how to meditate using sound and silence. Here is more from the release: “Sound. The click of keys on a typewriter . . . the buzz of cars outside your window . . . the “sound” of silence. Sound is everywhere, it is universal, and it one of the most powerful tools you have access to in your life. From your morning commute, to your workout mix, to the last sounds you hear as you fall asleep, sound can vastly impact your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being—in both positive and negative ways.”

The enhanced eBook was released yesterday, the same day as a print edition of the book. It includes 70 links to audio recordings and videos from the authors and is available in iTunes for $12.99.

Editor’s note: This post incorrectly identified the enhanced eBook.

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