The #MustangInspires Campaign Engages Brand Advocates

Ford celebrates 50 years with the #mustanginspires by asking 15 artists on Instagram to share their inspiration leading up to the reveal of the new Mustang.

Every marketer is looking to engage customers but as copyranter points out, there’s a tendency to just be lazy. The challenge is for social media managers to go beyond begging for “likes” and retweets, to actually inspiring legitimate conversation and fan engagement.

The #mustanginspires campaign, celebrating 50 years of the Pony Car, answers this challenge with a video series wherein 15 artists and Mustang lovers created short videos about what inspires them. And since the unveiling of the new model isn’t until December 5, Ford wanted to focus on engaging the fans.

While some of the videos include the iconic Mustang emblem, and nearly all of them contain some mention of the open road, these shorts are all about the individuals.

A self-proclaimed car geek, artist and creative director Brandon Page says the Mustang has been part of his life since adolescence. For his video, he finds inspiration on the road and in connecting with other creative people.

“With no itinerary, no road map, I left Columbus, Ohio and headed east,” he says. “My only goal was to meet new people and share stories.”



Laura Lawson, an artist who was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease, has always dreamed of restoring a 1967 Fastback. Unfortunately, she’s had to give up driving, but she hasn’t given up hope of finding a cure and getting behind the wheel of a Mustang.

“I’d like to think this is the message behind the Mustang itself: casting fears aside and stepping into the unknown, while enjoying every step of the journey along the way,” she says.



These are just two of the 15 artists and Instagramers who were asked to share their inspiration for the #mustanginspires campaign. Very different stories, neither of which focuses on Ford or the Mustang, but rather the heart of creativity.

According to Scott Monty, Global Digital and Communications Manager for Ford Motor Corp., this was exactly the goal for this campaign.

“We wanted to focus on the raw emotions that fans have shared through their own brands of visual storytelling,” Monty says. “We wanted individuals from around the world who had unique stories – stories that evoked the inspiration that Mustang has caused for nearly 50 years.”

With more than 5.5 million fans on Facebook and the Mustang being made available globally for the first time, he says it just made sense to do the unveiling of the new Pony Car using social media. For the last 15 days though, the campaign has been all about building buzz, awareness and engaging the fans, Monty says.

“This is the first time that anyone will see the car, and we’re sure that our fans will share their memories, their impressions and our images with their friends and family,” he says.

Indeed, this is the measure of success for the #mustanginspires campaign.

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