Anthony Weiner Out at MWW After Only 2 Months

How was this not going to happen?

Two months ago, public affairs and public relations professionals alike were floored with the news that MWW indeed tried to “matter more” by hiring embarrassed and scandalous former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

This destination of PR insight and potpourri reported that they hired Weiner not to directly consult clients, but rather to counsel its lobbying and public affairs arm. Welp, the gravy train for the artist formerly known as Carlos Danger has stopped effective immediately.

According to an internal memo from MWW chief Michael Kempner, Weiner was a victim of the media who left of his own accord to start his own company and “He understands that his presence here has created noise and distraction that just isn’t helpful.”

Weiner, however, criticized the memo, saying he didn’t “express any of those sentiments” expressed by Kempner.

Noise isn’t the only thing Weiner created. He also created a huge hole where an executive used to be.

Arthur Schwartz, formerly MWW’s senior vice president and managing director of its corporate communication practice, is a staunch Republican, the Post said, and apparently was also put out by Weiner’s continuing tweets needling the GOP. The Post added that Schwartz has already begun reaching out to other firms that felt uncomfortable dealing with someone who worked alongside Weiner.

Based on this recent Twitter exchange, you tell me which one MWW would rather have now:

Today, it’s reported that Weiner is opening up his own PR shop. Good luck with all that, Carlos.

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